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reproduction in pets

Reproductive Physiology

Reproductive Physiology, or the study of reproduction, includes both preventative medicine as well as the advanced science of Artificial Insemination (AI). At Wooster Animal Clinic, we believe that spaying or neutering your pet is both humane and ethically responsible.  Likewise, AI is an increasingly relevant expertise that we are pleased to offer breeders and showman alike.

Simply, Artificial insemination (AI) is the process of collecting semen from the male and (artificially) depositing it into the vagina of the female. The practice both ensures pregnancy while enabling breeders to improve the overall genetic characteristics of offspring.

At Wooster Animal Clinic, we offer multiple AI services, including:

  • Laboratory Testing, including Brucella, Progesterone, Vaginal Swabs, and Semen Evaluation, as well as others
  • Vaginal Artificial Insemination, which is conducted without sedation between a male and female deemed reproductively healthy whereby natural breeding is not desirable or attainable
  • Surgical Artificial Insemination, under general anesthesia, using fresh, chilled or frozen semen

The latter method obviously requires an abdominal incision but facilitates an examination of the uterus for cysts, occlusions, and adhesions. These problems can be corrected during the surgery, which increases the chances of conception.

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